Royal American International School (RAIS) has many policies pertaining to academic work and student life on campus. Students are responsible for complying with these policies.
1.   Changing or Dropping Classes
2.   Fee and Refund Policy
3.   Medication and Illness
4.   Supplementary Exams
5.   Results
6.   Transcripts
1- Changing or Dropping Classes
Changing a class is permitted, but only if the teacher is notified and permission is granted by the Admission Office . Students must change their receipt at the office and present it to the teacher of their new class. Changing classes is not allowed after the second week of the term.
2. Fee and Refund Policy
We will refund your full tuition fee in the event that your class is canceled due to low enrollment. Since classes are determined by pre-registration, early enrollment is strongly advised. Please choose carefully, as there will be NO REFUNDS unless the school cancels the class. Individuals may transfer their enrollment in a class to another individual for a $15.00 fee but this rule only applies to close relatives, such as a brother or a sister. It does not include cousins and other extended family members.
3. Medication and Illness
The school will inform the parents/guardians of younger students, should they get seriously ill during class hours. RAIS Institute is not permitted to administer medication unless they get verbal permission from the parents/guardians.
4. Supplementary Exams
The pass rate on every course is 60%. Students who take the General English Program for Adults (Levels 1-13) can take a supplementary exam. If they fail to get 60% in this, they may take a second supplementary exam. These exams take place in the week after the course has finished. The first is free of charge but there is a $2 charge for the second one. A student who passes either of these supplementary exams will pass the course with 60% (D Grade), and will be permitted to progress to the next level.
5. Results
Marks and grades from the courses are posted in the main entrance of the RAIS Headquarters, the day after the final exam at 5pm. It is the student’s responsibility to come to RAIS to find their grades and to make arrangements with the office upstairs for further courses and/or supplementary exams.
6. Transcripts
This service is only available for currently enrolled students.